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August 29, 2015 by RJ



x: show me your donkey kite.


y: show me your adrenaline jewelery.


x: show me your ozone.


y: for eggshells?


x: for helmets.


y: not in submarines though.


x: not in submarines.


y: no apostrophes.


x: yeah, sandwiched.


y: no, show me your stampede architecture.


x: show me your trampoline museum.


y: show me your craters.


x: show me your invisible giraffe.


y: show me your cabin goggles.


x: show me your loyalest hostage.


y: no, free her.


x: no, show me your jellyfish island.


y: that’s dynamite.


x: show me.


y: okay, but it will sting.


x: we need concrete bodyguards.


y: yeah, we need concrete bodyguards.




Peter Schwartz has 5 chapbooks: ‘the nowhere glow’, ‘amnesia diary’, ‘TELL ME’, ‘IN PRAISE OF all PARANOIAS’, and ‘Old Men, Girls, and Monsters’. He recently completed a full-length poetry collection ‘disciples (singers and destroyers)’ and is also the Poet-in-Residence at Revolution John See more at:

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