Empathy, by Donora Rihn

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September 9, 2015 by RJ


after Jeffrey Dahmer


You would not have eaten me. I would have seen the Ohio in you, how this place never breathes, and we would have held one another, eaten sugar, then something green. Then. Your boyfriend would have sat with us at the kitchen table while my husband asked, Jeff, how is the human animal? I would have looked out the window and remembered you sleeping over, how I told you everything would be okay, you could begin again. Everyone is a bleached skeleton, but I see you, your soft, sad belly, you do not have to shoot acid into my brain, friend, I am standing in front of you with my wrists turned all the way out.




Donora Rihn is the author of the play The Plagiarist (NEA, 2015) as well as The Aphasia Poems (2014) and several other works by hybrid texts, poetry, and theory. Find her at http://www.donora-ann.com and on Twitter @donora_ann.

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