A Brief and Untimely, Personal, Movie Review, fiction by Patrick Trotti

January 12, 2016 by RJ




Except I wasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio and my side kick wasn’t as cool as Mark Ruffalo and my girl wasn’t as beautiful as Michele Williams and my doctor wasn’t nearly as creepy and quiet as Ben Kingsley. But then again I was an out of shape guy with a bush of fluff on the lower half of my face and exact opposite on the top of my head and my best friend wouldn’t be able to pick out Mark Ruffalo if he walked past him on the street and my girlfriend might’ve been better looking but it was mostly just text messaging and emails; a Catfish without the dramatic conclusion and my doctor is an Indian man who’s last name is so long that I can tune him out for most of our session by just spelling out his name and trying to pronounce it in different ways.



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