FOR H by Rehan Qayoom

  Years of research and a line of verse The paper detritus is left behind My pipe is full of butt-ends from the grate Fit them all in anywhere How much do you want of me? How much can you take? What do I have to do to win your emotions, or am I beyond […]

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RUNNING by Sloan Thomas

My uncle was a high school track star. Around here that makes him a reservation legend. I go to the same high school as my uncle did, as my mother did, and all my cousins do, but I’m no track star and I don’t fool myself into thinking I’ll ever be one. We still have […]

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  Last night the wind came up out of the south. I could hear it lifting the trees in the yard and banging against the aluminum storm window. I pulled the blanket higher after punching the pillow into its original thickness. The house rested in stillness, dark rooms spilling into the darker hallway. My wife, […]

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