3 STORIES by J. Bradley

  XENOMORPH Helen holds it in her arms. It coos, opens its hands, closes them. “Want to hold him,” she asks. I don’t correct her. I take it into my arms. I pretend to marvel over this alleged miracle of whiskey and two broken condoms.     THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH Neil cries when […]

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SWEET RAGE by Frank Reardon

Merry took the pocket knife out from her back pocket and placed it on the night stand. Duncan, the Bakken roughneck she picked up at the bar, was half-dressed and wrapped in the sheets. She kicked her jeans off and climbed in bed. He moved towards her. She ignored him, fluffed up her pillows, picked […]

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  There was a savage thunderstorm outside. Water was inside the walls. My sister and I hid under a blanket together, peeking through a hole we’d ripped in the old wool, watching the group home hallway. It was loud. All the kids were up and alive, wearing new temperatures, animal dancing, like the storm was […]

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BONES OF WEED by Chris Milam

  The odor of fossilized urine clings to denim as you bash asphalt, miles and miles of steps to libraries, dollar stores, and church lunches. You feast on canned delights and expired bread. You see pollution in bathroom mirrors, a reflection of not a man, but a theory of a man. Your abused skin is […]

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TWO GRAND by Rusty Barnes

Kraj caught up with James, the man who owed him money and favors, by following him to his car behind the Topps supermarket. James had left a trail of piss behind him. Kraj figured he was lucky he hadn’t started pissing inside the store. Kraj took a collapsible baton from his left sleeve and ducked […]

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