HE WAS AWESOME by John D Robinson

May 14, 2016 by RJ


By the age of 15 the house
was wall to wall with
trophies, he was special,
he was something else
and he was my next
door neighbour,
we were friends
and he was mean and he
was fucking fast,
he was awesome;
he became a national and
European amateur
and then he turned
professional and fought
unsuccessfully on 2
occasions for a
championship of
the world belt
and he drank and snorted
cocaine and he
was vicious and beat his
women and he went to
prison where he found
God and became even
more dangerous than
ever before;
we’d meet on the street
and he’d throw punches
of biblical quotes at me
whilst he danced on his
feet and tell me where
my life was going
wrong, I would listen
without interest and
think of the stories that
had followed him;
the illegal bare-knuckle
fights in
organized gambling
halls and trips to
Thailand and tales of
drug-running and I tell
him that I’ll take a look
at the sacred words
that he had found in prison
for beating a woman
close to death;
words, that had
changed his life around.



JOHN D ROBINSON was born 63 in the UK. His poems have appeared widely in the small press and online literary Journals; Bareback Lit; Red Fez; Dead Snakes; Bold Monkeys; Your One Phone Call; Yellow Mama; Zombie Logic Review; Hobo Camp Review; Napalm & Novocain; Outsider Poetry; His latest poetry collection, When You Hear The Bell, There’s Nowehere To Hide, carries an introduction by John Grochalski and is published by Holy&intoxicated Publications.



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