A Public Condemnation and Request

September 1, 2017 by RJ


I’ve had about enough.

So Jay Sizemore is doing something evil again. Okay. There’s a ridiculously long thread on Facebook about it right now, and I’m not at all going to explain what it entails or what Sizemore is up to with this new hell of his.

I’m here for one reason and one reason only. I want to state publicly that I have removed Sizemore’s work from this website. I removed it a long, long time ago.

I absolutely want no affiliation with this man personally or through this journal. The two of us have been tied together for long enough. I am not Jay Sizemore. Revolution John is not Jay Sizemore. Please leave the two of us out of this most recent hell.

I did publish one of Sizemore’s poems here a couple of years ago. That poem in no way resembled these new poems people are losing their minds about. But it was controversial (a fact I sincerely had no idea about at the time I accepted and later published the poem). There was a hell that rose up from that, I initially stood on freedom of speech, was categorically burned at various cyber stakes, and then took the work down from the site.

In fact, I did an entire relaunch of Revolution John. Still, the witchhunts and lies continued. All along I have had the emails to prove the vitriol spread around about me to be entirely false. I have never once posted a screenshot of any of those emails in defense of myself. I’m not interested in spending my time (time that could be spent writing or editing) engaging with people who will hate me no matter what I do.

If any of you want to know where I stand on Jay Sizemore, feel free to write me here at revolutionjohnmagazine@gmail.com and I will respond in kind and tell you my exact thoughts. Then you’ll have it straight from the horse’s mouth. You won’t have to speculate and toss torches about in the night air searching for the answer. I’m right here. I’ll tell you exactly how it is, though I’d prefer if you never, ever spoke to me about Jay Sizemore again.

I have went through plenty enough already with this. I can’t do it again. And shouldn’t have to.



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