WATER by Jesse Eagle

I ordered whatever food and sat on the living room floor in my apartment and tried to eat something. There were ghosts in my head. Ghosts with tape recorders, with cameras, with fluid, dead faces, especially when I closed my eyes, inside my eyelids ghosts, ghosts like ice water, like Maggie. I even had the […]

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TWISTED UP by Jesse Eagle

I watched my sister brush her teeth with her finger and spit the toothpaste in the sink. Her gums never bled and, unlike mine, her teeth were white. We left the bathroom light on for the next kid and went down to the dining room, where we sat at a table with two other girls […]

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ALABAMA FIRES When I wake up, I notice the Velour tablet resembling chalk (half-life) behind my swollen tongue. I had been dreaming I was a lost child in the Moyne age. In my dream I had strapped on my jaw a tightened mouthpiece. A litter of pigs surround me, follow at my feet, the farrow […]

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