BOOK REVIEW: Hoopty Time Machines by Christopher DeWan

July 2, 2018 by RJ



Atticus Books

133 pgs.

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Christopher DeWan’s short story collection Hoopty Time Machines promises, via subtitle, to be “fairy tales for grown ups” and it doesn’t let the reader down. In a tradition that has grown more popular in the past five years or so, DeWan takes on a variety of fairy tale characters or fairy tale-like characters and aims them at the adult reader.

There are more hits than misses with the collection. DeWan knows what he’s after as a writer and gets there most of the time. The instances in which he falls only slightly short are few and can be pointed out easily. The stories that feel less thought out are the much smaller micro-stories. Some have the multi-layer power one looks for in micro, but some do not. And all seem to serve more as small breaks from the actual reading of the book rather than seasoning that adds to the overall idea behind the collection.

But when DeWan is on, he’s on. Some of the stories do what modern fairy tales should do best and marry matters of the heart with the fantastic.


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