by COURTNEY LEBLANC Spring 2000, just a few months after we worried the world would end with Y2K or at least fry our electronics. Neither of those happened but we still marveled at this new millennium. I was 21, a mediocre waitress at Applebee’s and you were the roommate of the blind date I had […]

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Mass Mutual

by PAUL ILECHKO I met a man who had the same name as a town in Massachusetts     although it seems that the name came first     dragging the town in its wake     there had been a governorship     and there had been a judge who presided over the trials of witches     he weighed them against some number […]

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The Prettiest Boy at the Dance / Tell Us Something about Yourself Few People Know

by MIKE JAMES The Prettiest Boy at the Dance                                             for D.J. Has pinked-tipped hair, longer than his sister’s. Practices biting his lower lip in every available mirror. Loves soft light for what it does to his complexion. Is haughty and tearful in the same glance. Dreams less at night than during day. Mines […]

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by CHARLES J. MARCH III “No Strings Attached” On a swing, a young girl begged her caretaker to take notice of her, and as she was about to jump, she said, “Look, Mother, I’m going to fly.” “Doomsday Prepping” Would you care if I don’t go to your funeral? “The Acumen of Social Anxiety” Somewhere […]


Love Poem to the Midwest

by MARIJEAN ELIZABETH The Screaming Void We are shaped by what sees us. My whole life I’ve felt more seen by places than people, which is why my skin crawls to get out of this town, this state. I want to be seen by other things because here is too small for me. For years […]

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by Howie Good Today’s rain falls on yesterday. You rush from one side of town to the other, trying to fulfill ancient prophecies while God’s bearded face sways above you. Dogs howl ceaselessly as though protesting how important man is. It isn’t quite night yet. There are doors that only seem to open and never […]


A Frying Pan for Billy

by David Barrett The first time Billy Bettis saw Ben Ailing, his boss, Billy thought he was a bum. Billy had been gleaning the alley behind the El Sombrero for half-spent cigarette butts (he’d later cannibalize the tobacco from and roll fresh cigs with from his own papers).  It was early morning summertime.  The sun […]

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Bad-Ass Boomer Told Us

by Thea Zimmer Found! No getting here. Just here. So fuckin sudden. No feet, no mouth to scream. An ocean of freaks, “30,000,” did someone say? Each and every voice, singled out. Don’t let me scream. Just look at the sky. The colors swirling. Shiny dots. They float and flicker. Twinkle and pop. The twilight […]

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Tidying Up

by CHRIS BULLARD Acquiring so much had left us desolate. We were stymied by our plenty. Our storage space was full. Our social calendar was full. We had to ease around the chairs to get to the table. We had to bypass the table to get to the hall. The kitchen was unusable because of […]

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