Mass Mutual

by PAUL ILECHKO I met a man who had the same name as a town in Massachusetts     although it seems that the name came first     dragging the town in its wake     there had been a governorship     and there had been a judge who presided over the trials of witches     he weighed them against some number […]

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GERMANWINGS by Christopher P. Mooney

  I think of eight minutes. Eight minutes from 38,000 feet to the mountainside. Eight minutes to fall from the sky. The businesswoman in the crumpled skirt, her tray-table stored and her belt securely fastened. The schoolchildren passing notes, their luggage placed safely in the overhead lockers. The flight attendant at the end of a […]

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2 Poems by James Croal Jackson

  LOVE NOTE TO WOMEN I HAVE LOVED   when the twine grays, know there is still a lettering shaped in your glossed spiral. I gargle Listerine your name to the thrum of the galaxy lodged in my throat, there forever behind my wolf teeth, a song alongside you.     BRAZILIAN MUSIC ALL AROUND […]

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