Revolution John publishes work on a rolling basis. The focus is on the short story and prose poetry. Seriously, if you’ve got something you feel strongly about it, send it my way.

I can’t pay you anything for your work, which kills me. But a lot of people have published without pay in indie lit journals and then worked their way up to having huge careers in the literary world. A few off the top of my head: Roxane Gay, Tao Lin, Blake Butler.

I also cannot fucking figure out how to lay out broken lined poetry here at WordPress so that it looks the way it’s suppose to look. Long story sad, only block poetry.

Quick Note: I don’t like works about politics or political shit in general or stories or poems meant as commentary about how fucked we are. There’s a ton of other journals that’ll take those pieces, though.

If you’ve got the piece submitted somewhere else, do the notifying me thing if they want to publish it before I do.

Now follow the link below and fire away.